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Brunnen von Christus Group Updates, March 2014

A Post from Mark Haberstroh, February 27, 2014

I read the publication regarding "Special Operations" functions, and must say that there is much in it that I believe true and have already concluded from my own researches and observations. Much I also do not believe as I think this publication something of a psychological operation ("psy-ops") directed to those who are more aware of these issues. The essential message is one of hopelessness, and the only solution offered to battle this technology is to fruitlessly resort to animal reactivity and anger, which at most is a temporary reprieve. I have long thought that current secret technology is far in advance of what we, the people, can normally conceive. However, these operations, even if mostly true, are already in advance of what is being presented to the public through Ray Kurzweil and the "Singularity," as far as I can tell, though I have not delved too deeply here. In other words he seems like the front man sent to tantalize and seduce humanity into the world view that the universe is essentially unintelligent from its inception, and that he brings in the new wave of spirituality, which is an indoctrination into a deformed definition of immortality. This world view not only bypasses the wisdom of God in all creation, but also bypasses biological life, except insofar as such life is necessary to piggyback the machine. So it seems to me. The hubris behind the Singularity is the ultimate "slap in the face" of the Creator, and it is clear to me how such a view leads to nihilism and has led to genocide in all its forms, to include the "final solution," which is to exterminate most of the earth's population, ultimately leading to a dead earth with human souls bound in darkness. "Chemtrails," which I have studied extensively by observing the skies and breathing in their poisons, are an integral part of this slow-kill agenda, among other things. Rudolf Steiner's prediction that one day the earth planet will become an "electronic mass" enveloped in evil with only a small group of people nurturing the seed of a transformed humanity will no doubt come to pass if people do not attain selflessness. He states this explicitly. Here he points to the great task of Freemasonry as vital to humanity's survival, if only human beings can renew the spiritual content and refill those majestic masonic forms awaiting them. See the lecture Secret Societies — The Atom as Coagulated Electricity.

The lecture that Martha Keltz quoted in an article, A Picture of Earth Evolution in the Future, clearly describes a polar opposite flow of spirituality from the spiritual world, of great beings descending from on high to bring the wisdom in the light if human beings open the door of their hearts and minds to welcome them. Rudolf Steiner names these beings the Vulcan beings, among others. He also describes the grim destiny that will occur on earth if mankind does not accept what is offered by the time the moon reunites with the earth (circa post 7000 AD). He mentions the earth covered with vast spider-like beings in similar manner to the air that now encircles the earth, and that there are, even now, men who are well-known in public life and who knowingly serve this agenda, those really planning for and bringing in the new world order as precursor to the appearance of the Anti-Christ and the incarnation of Ahriman. These men already serve the spider archetype, which can easily be observed through artistic observation of their physiognomies. Observe the form of their fingers and how they gesture with the hands. Observe how the arms are attached to the trunk and how the head sits and moves on top of the body. Each can be imagined as a different type of spider. It is quite creepy. And here we can glance back to an artistic preview of manifesting archetypes through the genius of Charles Williams, especially in his book, The Place of the Lion. Williams brought in his part of the spiritual wave as he wrote five of his seven spiritual novels in an intensive period of activity between 1930 to 1933 at the time of the initial reappearance of Christ in the etheric world. We also find a precursor to the current "transhumanism" artistically conveyed through C.S. Lewis's book That Hideous Strength, the third novel in his theological or Christian space trilogy, to a great extent inspired by his friend, Charles Williams. Here the great brain is thoroughly and graphically described, though not exponentialized as with the new Singularity. But the thoughts in the world view are fully present. It seems that with every advance in technology, old ideas become rehashed, revisited, changed, and enhanced. History then becomes revised. Hollywood redoes once again all the myths, all the legends, fairy tales (Grimm's) with the new special effects etc., and not without the horror twist as an added blow to the soul. Rudolf Steiner is indeed right when he states that the intellect is in demise. Another description of the new wave of spirituality approaching the earth can be found through Peter Deunov in his last prophecy. See The Prophecy of Peter Deunov.

The solution or, rather, the response to the transhumanist mind/machine interface as solution to imbuing the universe with intelligence (where the Singularity represents the pinnacle of the arrogance of ignorance - ignorance of the true nature of immortality) is to learn to think without the physical brain. Etheric thinking as described philosophically in the Philosophy of Freedom and developed through the "Three I's" of esotericism leads to direct perception of the vast wisdom embedded in the universe. Here I think the piece compiled by James Gillen, entitled Transformation of the Soul Forces Through Initiation is very important as part of this discussion and as a companion piece to The Eternal Soul of Man From the Point of View of Anthroposophy. The Wisdom Lives in Light meditation takes one into the new experience of the etheric heart.

— Mark Haberstroh

A Brief Summary: The Brunnen von Christus Group,
November 2006 — November 2013

If the work of the Brunnen von Christus Group could be briefly summarized at all, it can be stated with a fair degree of confidence that a number of individuals stepped for a time out of their usual anthroposophical work in the world (while not leaving it entirely, of course) and came together to serve the purpose of determining the truth or not of conveyed spiritual experiences, experiences that, for the most part, represented and could only be expressed adequately within our immediate times. As part of this process the participants in this group found the courage to express, after critical self-examination, what they discovered as Imaginations, Inspirations and Intuitions within themselves, and then conveyed this to others, either through "the writing of the heart," which is a direct description of a spiritual experience as such, or through more indirect artistic, music-oriented or "star reading" Inspirational processes. Actually, this often involved a mixture of both processes. Along the way on this initial seven-year journey attention was drawn to the fact that the path of the "Three I's," the path of Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition - the development of the new form of conscious clairvoyance, the next step in the evolution of consciousness - was a major part if not the most important part of Rudolf Steiner's lifework.

Certainly another essential aim of the "BvC" work has been to defend the name of Rudolf Steiner in the world against false claims - delusional or, more likely, deliberate - such as individuals claiming to be the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner. It has become clear enough from several sources that Rudolf Steiner is spiritually active and accessible to many striving souls, striving either on the lonely path of inner development or working in the world for Anthroposophy. According to Wellesley Tudor Pole (in his book The Silent Road), names are not important in the spiritual world. But they are important in world history, and Rudolf Steiner's name and lifework have yet to reach their ultimate teaching and healing potential throughout this troubled globe we inhabit.

So I personally want to thank all of the friends who have made or continue to make contributions to the work of the Brunnen von Christus Group, whether such contributions were only brief (none were small) or of continuing duration. James Gillen, who emerged as mentor and spiritual leader in this group as well as in other groups and circles, crossed the threshold to the spiritual world on November 10, 2013, and he will be sorely missed. However, James left all of us treasures of sage advice and specific directions and resources for multiple spiritual endeavors and studies, and especially for ongoing conversations with the stars.

The work of Brunnen von Christus will be ongoing as Inspirational sources from the spiritual world continue to be very gradually revealed to us.

To quote Thomas Sharpe, who has formed a group in Pendle, England: "I think we are all definitely on a progressive wave of moving the inner outwards."

Please send any questions regarding this Update to the brunnenvchr address below. Previous publications, from the dates of 2006 — 2013, will remain fully available.

— Martha Keltz

2006 — 2013

The Brunnen von Christus Group work began in the autumn of 2006. It is anthroposophical work in direct spiritual perception and the discernment or assessment of what has value and truth in revealed experience and what does not - processes referred to by Rudolf Steiner as The Thinking of the Heart. The work is primarily in Imagination and Imaginative knowledge, but spiritual scientific research is also part of the group work because the development of thinking and the deepening of anthroposophical knowledge never cease. The Brunnen von Christus Group work began shortly after the publication of the dramatic trilogy Southwest Journey and the article Rudolf Steiner Returns (see the Resources and Links page). Regarding the origin of the name Brunnen von Christus, this is described on The Three I's page. The name Brunnen von Christus serves to facilitate consciousness of the distinct difference between the historical Rudolf Steiner and the new activity of Rudolf Steiner and also refers to the source or fount within each individual. Thus, this site can serve as a vehicle for the sharing of
1.) Spiritual Scientific Research, and
2.) The "Three I's", Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition, conveyed through writing.

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Contributions are welcome, and guidelines are suggested below:

  1. The contributions should be as concise as possible, written either informally (such as a correspondence) or as an abstract or synopsis. Some sharings may require greater length; in that case they may be able to be included in the planned Brunnen von Christus publications which will be available online.
  2. Anthroposophists especially, but not exclusively, are invited to share spiritual experiences and research. These collective sharings are intended to reveal a picture of the Spiritual World now; they can potentially shed further light on what Michael and the Michael School intend now and in the future.
  3. Experiences of the Being who was Rudolf Steiner are welcome from Anthroposophists, especially those in older years who are ready to share their experiences but can find no sympathetic vehicle or means. According to Rudolf Steiner, "mystical experiences, like intellectual experiences, must [at the correct time] become the common heritage of mankind. It would be sheer egoism if anyone wished to have [the experiences] for himself alone."
  4. Contributions from those who combine Buddhism and other Eastern spiritual studies with Anthroposophy will also be very welcome.
  5. As a general rule, the more time given to retrospection in regard to spiritual experiences, the better. Also, a person who has studied Anthroposophy for 20 or 30 years is ideal for this kind of work. However, there will always be exceptions to both of these general rules.
There will be no group approval of contributions; there is no authority that oversees this work. Each person is fully responsible for his/her own sharing, in keeping with the spirit of the "Philosophy of Freedom," by Rudolf Steiner.

"The content of what is spiritually perceived can only be reproduced in pictures (imaginations) through which inspirations speak, which have origin in spiritual entity intuitively perceived." Rudolf Steiner, Outline of Occult Science.

"...I do regard it as my own personal task to say nothing that is given by the intellect as such but to take things in the way they are directly and immediately given to occult vision. Only afterward are they permeated with the power of understanding. ...We must learn to take a different attitude toward the great riddles and secrets of the cosmos, to approach them...with all the faculties of our soul. Then we shall ourselves become partakers in the whole of human evolution. It will be for us like a fountain of sublime all-human consciousness. We shall have fullness of soul." Rudolf Steiner, Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita.

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"Much wisdom often goes with brevity of speech." ~ Sophocles

"Too great length and too great brevity of discourse leads to obscurity." ~ Pascal

"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing." ~ John 15:5

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